Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Almost New Year

Well as I sit here and think of the past year I am amazed at how much I as well as Joel and I have accomplished. We both went on many trips from Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Victoria BC and Maui. That is a lot in one year.

We also found out Joel was accepted into a new program which he is currently taking to further his career, He will finish in May of 2009.

As well we decided to start trying for a baby, this is taking a bit more time than we thought but it has brought us so much closer to each other and we are embracing the journey and cannot wait until God decides to bless us.

For 2009

I am not one to really make resolutions as I don't really keep them but for this year I really want to get back to my healthy self again. In the past 3 years I have put on 30 lbs which is awful and I believe Joel is partly to blame because of his snacking habits that rubbed off on me, so this year I am not going to say I would love to lose x amount of weight but instead I want to start eating the healthiest I can again as well as get fit again. To me it is not much about the weight as it is about how healthy I feel. Yes I eventually want to get back to me pre weight but that will come. I also would love to get pregnant this year and I truly hope we do but if not we will embrace the life we have just the two of us and make the most of it by getting new jobs as well as continuing to travel, Next spot on the list is Ireland, I think we will be going here even if we do get pregnant.

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