Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No Christmas BFP for me

My temp plummeted to 97.24 this morning, that has got to be the biggest drop I have ever seen. What a depressing way to start the morning. Now I am off to work for the day, which in a way is good to take my mind off of things. I know I said this last month but I am definitely not temping this month after O. It gets me no where but excited and than disappointed. It is really discouraging to be moving on to another cycle when everyone I know who has tried has gotten pregnant on the first or second cycle and than there are all the people who weren't even trying and even one who has severe endo who was told she could never have kids and wasn't even trying got pregnant. Why is that when somebody really wants it and is doing everything right cannot get pregnant. I am feeling a little frustrated.

Oh well cycle # 5 here we come

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