Friday, June 18, 2010

Fit Fridays

This week I had a pretty good week. I am feeling pretty good about it anyway. I am only down 1.2 lbs but that is a great loss I think.

I really tried to eat healthy this week and increase my water consumption, which I did well at. I still didn't eat as well as I could have but I can try harder this week.

I also did well at exercising. I have started up pilates in the morning and I have been walking 3+ days a week.

Last night we loaded up the dog, wee man and ourselves and drove in to the boardwalk and walked for 5km. It felt great!!! My butt is a little sore today but that can be a good thing, I hope!!

So the plan of attack for this week is:

- walk 4 x a week
- Do pilates 3 X week
- drink 3L per day
- eat healthy

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*Maybe* Baby ♥ Mama said...

Our journey has begun!... secretly though =) 

If I’ve left you this message, you’re probably a follower of my original blog or just someone I happened on and really wanted to invite along for the ride! Though I won’t be revealing who I am just yet – until we’re TO and THROUGH the first trimester! Just getting the word out about our new site – further explanation of all the secrecy and what we’re about on my first post now up. I’d love for you to stop by. 

Exciting things going on around here!

~ the {secret} *Maybe* Baby Mama