Thursday, June 17, 2010


Yesterday the wee man and I spent the morning shopping. I had set out in hopes to buy the hubbs fathers day present as well as my dads fathers day present however I had no luck with them but I did find a few things for myself. I never shop for myself anymore, it is either things for the wee man, my big man, the house or even the dog, not me.

I complained to the hubbs a few weeks ago that I am turning into one of those frumpy moms. I am in between sizes right now so that doesn't help at all. My clothes that fit before I got pregnant do not fit now and the ones that are my skinnier clothes are still a bit to tight. I refuse to buy new clothes until I am down at least 15lbs as I would hate to buy clothes and not fit into them in a month and have wasted my money. When I started this weight loss kick I said I would go on a big shopping spree in the fall when we plan a trip to the states so that is my motivator. I don't really want to buy many clothes until then.

So what did I buy? Shoes!!

When I was pregnant my feet grew and not just in width. They actually grew a full size. So my once 9 1/2 - 10 size feet are now a size 11. It was actually pretty devastating as I already thought my feet were huge but now they are really huge. To make it even more devastating you cannot find shoes that size around here or if you do they are horrendous granny type loafers. Which I am sure a really comfy but I want to be a cute mom not a frumpy mom.

So yesterday the wee man and I headed in to payless as they were having their Buy 1 get 1 half off sale and they actually had some cute ones. I ended up walking out of the store with 4 pairs. I really can't believe I did it, neither can the hubbs his jaw dropped when he walked in the door after work and saw four shoe boxes. I only spent a little over $100 which is really pretty good, I think, for four pairs of shoes. Granted they aren't the best quality but they are cute and practical.

Here are three of them

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KSizzle said...

I'm afraid my feet will grow with the pregnancy. I'm currently in a 10 to 10 1/2. I shop at DSW frequently. If there is one by you, definitely check the clearance aisles. I always walk away with 2 to 3 cute pairs. Or you can always check online